Felipe Lial was an Italian maniac who always liked hanging out with the Canallas. At the Drugstore Club, Milo Burik came down. He said he was a Wheelman but the gang laughed out of it. Milo snatched Micca's gun and held it to Felipe's head. He asked for Felipe's Convertable and drove it to the Bargaining Yard. He trapped the two by dropping tools on them and left them under a crane. Milo asked to set a meeting for his Uncle Paulo Lial. Felipe did so and sent to Los Santos cars to race Milo to the Casino. Later Felipe sat in a car at the Casino on the phone.(Somehow got out of the car) Later Milo came and scared Felipe by driving into cars, smashing into buildings and handbraking around corners. Felipe told him that Radu was the leader of the Romanians and Che was the right hand guy of Stavo at the Canallas. Up till then, the Cops arrived but Milo and Felipe avoided them and acquired a new car out of the Garage. Felipe told Milo to wait and went into the Subway Station. Later a few dealers came out and escaped Felipe's gunfire. Milo drove after them and Felipe shot the three cars. Felipe then received a call that one escaped into the alleyway. Milo drives Felipe to the alleyway and takes out the last man. Felipe then turns his gun to Milo and rides off on a motorbike telling Milo to watch his back. Milo replies that he always does.

Days later, Felipe then drives to the Church where Milo follows him. Him and Javier hold guns at him forcing him to leave. Later that day, Felipe's men are gunned down by Milo so Felipe flees to a truck and drives off. Milo rams his truck, killing Felipe. Then, Milo found a Romanian knife on Felipe and walks off leaving Felipe's body.