Miguel 'Miggy' Delgado was a Spanish arms dealer who worked for the Chulos Canallas and was the brother of the boss, Stavo.

In mission 2 of Wheelman, the mission takes place at Stavo's garage, where Miguel has borrowed three of Stavo's cars. Miguel meets Milo Burik, a wheelman. Milo asks if he knows a man named Felipe, Miguel says that they've got Felipes all over Barcelona. Miguel receives word from the gang that Stavo's cars have been stolen. Milo offers an exchange. If Miguel puts Milo with Felipe then Milo will fetch the cars. Miguel keeps an eye out on the city for the cars. He gives Milo instructions on finding the cars. When Milo brings back the cars, Miguel tells Milo to look at The Drugstore Club.

Days later, Miguel is caught by a rival gang who held Benito hostage. Che Taravel puts Milo to a test by saying to help rescue Miguel from the gang. They drive over there on bikes. Milo rams through the fence and rescues Miguel. Milo leads Miguel out of the station and he leads Milo back to The Drugstore Club.

Days later, as Miguel comes into Stavo's room, Stavo tells him that Milo will be his driver. Miguel attempts to reject it but Stavo allows Milo to babysit Miguel.

Outside, Milo drives Miguel and the rest of the gang to the Romanians lair for a raid. Milo protects Miguel from harm and the gang steals the truck. Milo smashes straight through the building t follows Miguel's directions back to The Drugstore Club.

Stavo allows Milo to watch over Miguel at all times and Miguel accepts Milo as his new brother.

Days later, Sorin and Radu are upset about what the Canallas did. As revenge, Sorin knocks out Miguel and leaves him in a wanted car strapped to a bomb. Milo hears the word from Sorin and rescues Miguel. Miguel awakes and shows Milo the way to a man from the Canallas who can remove a bomb. Over there, Miguel keeps urging the bomb remover to be careful. Stavo then tells Milo that he doesn't have to babysit anymore.

It is not known if Miguel survived or not. He could have been present at the battle of the Bullring and Stavo's last stand.